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New to Magento and just getting started.  Apparently, I’m not very bright grin

I can’t do what seems like the simplest thing.  I’ve added a category to my store and added a product to the category.  Yet, when I go to the home page, there is nothing in the menu and no products showing. I’ve searched this forum and come up empty, so I must be the only dope that can’t even get started.  I read the tutorial and it seems as simple as can be, but still nothing.  Is there a cache I have to clear somewhere or something?  I don’t understand why nothing is showing up.

Thanks in advance…


DId you make sure you product is in-stock and enabled?


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MagentoPycho - 03 June 2010 08:13 PM

have a reference:

It wasn’t a sub-category of the root…

Thanks very much!

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