Can Magento disable tier pricing when shopping cart promotion applied

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Hello, dears.

I have a question about how to disable tier pricing when an shopping cart price rule is applied.
I am using Magento Community 1.6.2, now.
And currently on Shopping Cart page, both of tier pricing and coupon are now applied when coupon code is inputted.

I would like to disable tier pricing when coupon code is inputted.
Is it surely possible?
Any help will be appreciated.



i came across that link - maybe that helps:

i have a similar problem but not using coupons but quantity discounts as a shopping cart rule.

i have tier pricing for different products and a shopping cart rule that would discount the tier price when applicable as well.

the idea is not only to have a qty discount for one product but also when the qty. of products of the same category are ordered. this i have solved as of know by applying a shopping cart rule. problem: the shopping cart rule discounts also the tier price if the corresponding quantity of one of the products is ordered.

i found the following extension which will be tested in the coming days and might solve my problem

any experience with that? feedback would be highly appreciated!
(using magento 1.6.1 CE)

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