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I am still very new to Magento and have a question. In our store, we have 2 different prices - one for customers and one for employees. In the product information we have set up both prices. I thought, that this is enough to display both, depending on who is looking at the site.

We also have a rule for each (!) article, with an action that says (one example) “apply to fixed amount” / “Discount amount” = 9.00 / “stop further rules processing” = yes.

Is that really necesary or is there an easier way to display 2 different prices, depending on the login?

Couldn’t we just set up a rule for customers = show only customer prices and one for employees = show only employee prices and
it would be all set.

I am happy to find out, if this is something we can hopefully change or if this is really necessary.

Thanks, alex

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