Confused with folder structures for themes ad templates

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I am somewhat confused with the structure of folders in regard to themes and templates. I am currently using what I believe to be the default template. I have been browsing the forums and I often come across comments like:

"go to app/design/frontend/default/YOURTHEME/layout/catalog.xml”

Presumably I have to go to "app/design/frontend/default/DEFAULT/layout/catalog.xml"??

Except when I browse to, for example, the layout folder - no file exists. I have experienced this on numerous occasions when installing and researching installation of themes and extensions.

What am I doing wrong??



If you want to modify a theme file, first copy it from the default directory to your theme directory. For example, if you want to modify page.xml, then copy it from default/default/layout/page.xml to default/YOURTHEME/layout/page.xml. Any changes you make in this file will superseed the default page.xml (providing you set Magento to use your theme in the admin area).


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