Ebizmarts Sage Pay Suite CE not working Magento 1.5

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We have installed Ebizmarts Sage Pay Suite CE with Magento 1.5 and it all seems like it is working fine, but there are a couple of problems.

1) When a client tries to make a purchase through the Sage Pay Suite [Direct Integration] option it all seems to go through correctly and an order confirmation is sent to the client with payment, however the credit card is never debited. so it seems like order.

2) If we use the Sage Pay Suite [SERVER integration] it will not accept any of my valid credit cards.

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SagePaySuite_POST_Requests.log  (File Size: 2KB - Downloads: 21)
SagePaySuite_RawResponse.log  (File Size: 6KB - Downloads: 102)
SagePaySuite_REQUEST.log  (File Size: 49KB - Downloads: 110)

Hi, are you using TEST credit cards in TEST mode? You can find them in Sage Pay’s website. In example VISA 4929000000006 cvv 123.


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