Error accessing profiles Dataflow to import / export products

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Hello everyone, I\’m using magento a few months and never had a problem, upgraded my products for import and export of products and inventory usually running 100%
Only one day to another while trying to update my stock I\’m getting the following error.

Fatal error: Class \’Mage_Adminhtml_System_Convert_ProfileController\’ not found in? \”;? ÝsàD? on line 37

The original files are not changed anything until pq was updating the site usually present until the error and stop access this part of the menu ..
Only the strange thing is that if I enter the menu to import or export of the page before that dataflowe profiles, I can import and export, usually by perfils just can not,
I\’ve tried sending the files back to the server and reconfigured again, most did not work, just not zerei the database is signed up for the hand over 2,700 products and I am afraid of having to start from scratch q.

Is there any solution q can this be?

I do not know what this file is q passes the error to look at line 37, by pq already changed all the original files and still is giving the error. Please help me, I had to disable all my products to solve the problem of updating inventory dwarf pair have problems with my clients.

I thank

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