extension running / checkout problem

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


After purchasing the Euro VAT Validator extension, the developer has decided to completely ignore one fairly simple question for help (although he responds to me if I write to him with a fake email account as a prospective customer!).

So, I’m turning to this forum for help with my last problem on my first ever magento website… which needs to go live ASAP!

I am running the Euro VAT Validator which assigns a customer to a group upon registration based on their country of origin and whether or not they provide a valid VAT (tax) number.

The problem is that sometimes I want to re-assign customers to a different group and don’t want the validator to change this back.

Upon checkout the validator seems to change the customer back to a different group.

If anyone can help me as to how I might prevent the extension from running upon checkout then I would be very, very grateful.


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