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I have a banner on my website, made professionally by someone. 
He had each slide, linked to a category, now I changed the category names so I need to change it that the slide, will link to the correct category instead of getting the 404 not found page.

Which file would I do that in?

This is my website:

I am referring to the sliding banner, that has a small boy with a hat, and then soldiers praying, and then a man with a rams horn etc.

Also, would anyone know how I can make the banner go slower?
Only if that’s not too complicated.

Thanx in advance!



It depends on which extension you used to put up that banner....



Thank you for replying.

I don’t really know what extension he used.

I looked in “firebug” (a firefox add on that shows where files are etc.)

And I see many things there that are related to this banner, there is a javascript file, which does not have text there for me to change obviously.
There are files with the images only.
And there is an html which has the href to the categories.  That seems to be the file that I need to change, but I only see the html script and I do not know what file it’s in so that I can change it.
I’m attaching the script to this message as an image, maybe you would know where the html file is?

Thank you!


Image Attachments

How about checking in styles.css file through skin/frontend/your magento edition/your magento theme name/css/.

Maybe you can edit it there. I’m a beginner too.


Thanx for replying.

I don’t have a styles.css file.  I have one called iestyles.css.
The script is not there though.

As far as I know, css stands for “cascading style sheets” and all I would find there, are things like font sizes, colors, margins.
There wouldn’t be there any html tags like <a href...>

I do appreciate that you took out your time to reply and I wish you a lot of luck with your website!


I think you should go to
Admin->CMS->Pages->Home page
And find there is block for banner slider. Or you can also fine page.xml file for including banner slider .
you will need to check any extension is installing for banner slider from Admin->System->Connect manager.



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Thank you very much!  I was able to fix it

I checked out the extensions and it turns out that the theme was a free extension called f002
I checked the forum regarding that theme and someone wrote it there.

it’s in admin-cms- static blocks - showcase.

Thanx again,


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