HelloSlide JQuery Issue in IE

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Hi there,

I’ve been playing with the HelloSlide on a client site and only just realise it doesn’t function properly in IE. Every other browser is fine, just not this. Any ideas? Seems to put a MASSIVE invisible box on the page....


Also forgot to mention it also does this on the original HelloWired demo page.


im having the same issue. Please post fix if anyone has it.


I’m having the same problem, hope someone will find a fix! Here you can see what i mean: www.phone-gadgets.com


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I’m having same issue, thought i’d found the answer here, but when i add these meta tags it makes no difference. Anyone got a fix for this yet?


Has anyone figured this out?  Very frustrating!


Everything Internet!


Someone managed to find a solution?
I needed to solve this problem.

Thank you


I have same issue.

somebody knows how to fix?? thanks!


I found a solution but I don’t know the impact of it.
The problem is the JS framework called prototype.
The version of Magento prototype framework is newer thant the prototype tested for Hellothemes.

File location:

My prototype.js version: 1.7
Prototype I used to solve the problem:

Here the prototype v

File Attachments
prototype.js  (File Size: 127KB - Downloads: 53)

Thank you. Excelent..
You found a solution.. =)


Installing the file attached worked for me, Magento 1.6 !
Thanks !


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