HELP! Shopping Cart Cache Loop Sagepay & Ebizmarts

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I discovered a terrible problem last night after being live for more than a month.

Last night something very strange happened. One customer was trying to check out on the live site as normal (all payments via sagepay on-site have been going through fine previously)

Then as you can see by the screenshot this happened, for some reason without the customer doing this Sagepay was being sent these amounts that kept doubling. I phoned Sagepay who told me that it is a cache loop problem either in the shopping cart or with the Ebizmarts on site module I have. I have no idea how this has happened or why it is happening does anyone have any advice at all?

Has anyone had any issues like this, know the cause, and more importantly know how to fix this?

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May I ask what Magento version and SagePay plugin are you using?



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