How do I add one page or paragraph in a second language? 

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I’m trying to add a single cms page for Spanish readers and a few lines of text to another page for Japanese readers.

What is the best practice?

I have the WYSIWYG editor and my first attempt for the Spanish page changed part of the accented characters to ascii and retained others.  Will this still work with SEO?  The target audience is in the United States.  I have read that one can use <span lang="el">, but I’m not sure if I need to do that once for the whole page or for each section.  If I use <span lang...> should the markup be in that language, too, or is English okay?

The only Japanese I have is for a link and a brief explanation, but I have been told that some can see the Japanese characters and others not.  How could I make this universal?

Thanks for your help.

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