How do I edit Category Headings Directly ? 

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


I’d like to edit the title of my top navigation categories directly. My theme already has h1 tags wrapped around the Category headers.

For example, I have “Widgets” as a Top Level, Top Nav Category. I want the top nav to say “Widgets”, but I want the Category heading to be “Awesome Widgets” for SEO purposes. Magento automatically pulls the Category Heading from the Category Name.

How can I accomplish this?


One option - I could use the “meta keywords” box in Magento to edit the h1 Tag/Category Heading directly. Is it possible to customize this in Magento - if so, any help would be great.


Or - would this be in my theme somewhere?

Alternatively, I could remove works out of the top nav some how.

Any help, guidance? I wouldn’t mind paying someone to fix this for me.

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