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Hi Friends,Any one Know How to Create a Mobile Website (Not APP) in Magento...Is this Possible to create Mobile Website in Magento?

Pls Any one Suggest me.. question



Yes, their is an service gomobi which allows to create a mobile website with magento

Just follow the following steps this may help to create your own mobile website:

1. Go to the “contact us” section of your website
2. Fill up the relevant information required
3. Initiate the details you like to enable the goMobi service
4. click on the “Submit Information” button

After submitting, you will receive an email with a ticket number that you will be able to use to reference your request.

for furthur details please visit:

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Yes it is possible. You need not have to create a separate mobile website. You can convert your website to mobile version. There are different Magento plugins available in Magento Marketplace, to make your website a mobile website. It is highly efficient to generate a mobile website, as it brings more sales to your online business.Using Mob ecommerce you can make your ecommerce store on the go. There are many features like unlimited products, multi currency support, hassle free set up, multiple ecommerce platform, supports multiple mobile payment gateway and more. So you can find the right resource to create a mobile website in Magento.


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