How to force the domain/index.php on default store view but not at the last viewed storeview? 

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


I set up one main website (one single domain name) with 4 stores, each store has 3 store views per languages. I can switch them well.
Then I noticed that, although i enabled Store Code to Urls, all store views share, i.e. whenever a visitor switched the store all visited a specific storeview, next time he input, he will see the last storeview he visited instead of the default storeview, and in the explorer, he does not see storeview code behind the domain name.

I wish that, every time a visitor (no matter new or returning) input the domain name, he will see the default home page of the default store view, but not any other storeview he recently visited. Is this possible?

I googled but found mostly multi-domain multi-store solutions. Can anybody give me some advice on my issue? Thank you!


I had no other idea but to set up redirect of to

But won’t this mean I cannot set up another redirect rule to automatically redirect visitors to preferred language front?

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