How to I re-enable the Mage-core? 

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


I can’t be the only one who has accidentally disabled the core under Advanced Options...well I did and now I can’t access any menus on the back end of my site. Why would that even be an option under the settings? Who would want to do this, ever?

there has got to be a way to fix this...please...for the love...if anyone could help me I’d greatly appreciate it.


I’ve attached a screen shot of the nothing-ness I’m working with.


nevermind I found the fix on the forum

php admin
fix the setting in the core_config_data table…
then delete var/cache/mag-? files.

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So, you found the remove engine button, eh? It’s a feature of Magento’s modular design. Everything’s a module, including the core.

I agree with you that including a “Shoot yourself in the foot” setting seems kind of nonsensical. Because it’s an entry in app/etc/modules, it gets included in the list. Hopefully in the future, there will a don’t include in the module enable/disable list.

As you found, it’s a manual table edit in the core_config_data table.


1) For preserving thy future happiness, thou shalt back up thy HTTP doc directories and Magento database regularly.
2) For preserving thy sanity during module installs and moves, thou shalt disable thy cache and compiler and flush their caches.

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