Images doesn’t show up in admin or in frontend

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


Hi every one,

I am not sure if you are also passing through the same problem or not, but what my problem was all the images used to get showed up on our development server. But when we uploaded that on live, it was not being shown in either admin or on front end. The image URL was also the same from where I should be able to access the same image, But still the issue was there. We have checked all the permissions, increased the file upload size, but in vain.

The solution was just to rename .htacess to some name like .htacess_old.

After that its working like a charm.

Hope this helps someone.

Happy coding!


Witch .htacces file did you change ? The one in the root folder or in the media folder ?


Changes the one in the media folder, that fixed it for me…

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