Is it necessary to create a new module to have my own payment gateway ? 

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Hi all,

I need to create a payement gateway to do some security checks (using soap web services) on the credit card before I can save the order.
I found this tutorial which looks quiet good.–-part-2/

However, it suggests to create a module payment, whereas all I need is to modify the existing Magento payment a bit to check the credit card before it goes on.
So instead of overriding the whole payment module, I’d like to know if I can override only the gateway of the default Magento payment module (without having to touch the core code).

Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you.


Find your answer from here

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I think you can take a base from following article:
This article explains the basic code required for simple Payment module. This can be great skeleton code for you.



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Thanks for your answers !

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