Is Magento based mostly on Zend? 

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


Hello! I am totally new to magento, just downloaded it to look at the code. Have not yet installed it.

I noticed that it has Zend and PEAR dirs, so I am wondering, is Magento based mostly on Zend classes or does in only use some of the zend classes occasionally?

Basically, should I start learning Zend in order to understand Magento? I have some experience with only some of the Zend classes, but Zend looks pretty easy to learn.

I am familiar with many of the PEAR classes, have been using them for years.

Anyway, what is the best step to start learning about how Magento works?

Another question: is there a logging class anywhere? I usually like to enable logging, then log lots of things throught the program. This way I can easily see what objects are created, what’s inside the arrays, etc.

Does anyone have any advice on how to add logging functions to the Magento classes?

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