Lightbox to truely display MAX image size, not stretching a small image. 

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


Hi Guys,

I have found that if i want my lightbox to display the large image at say a maximum of 500x500 pixels. If the original image is 300x300 for example, then it will stretch it to 500x500.

Is there a way of displaying the original image as normal unless its over 500px in which case then reduce it to 500px?

Thanks Mike


Hi! Mcm Didi you got the solution how to maximize the image size, if you have got the answer please post in the forum.......... question


I was looking for the same solution...wanted to display original image in the lightbox instead of resized one. Actually its really very simple...see the instructions below

1) In your Magento Admin section navigate to the following section System > Configuration > Easy Lightbox
2) Make sure that “Size of popup up image” field is blank
3) All done – your image should no longer auto resize and now display crystal clear!

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