Lost the chance to log into admin help plz

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Hi there!

Im using magento latest vers. After installing a module with magento connect i pressed te log in to admin button, and bad things happened:

Ive got to a page says “forbidden, you dont have the access to log into admin.....etc etc (this is a blank page with black text)

ive tried to log in manually trought http://www.mypage.com/magento/admin, or http://www.mypage.com/magento/index.php/admin/ but neither works, these links will get me to the above mentioned 404 like page.

Fortunately it is not a real site its in beta state, but id like to know is there a way to get me back to admin panel to delete the plugin? or there is a chance next time with real site happens this again?



The module probably has created an .xml file in app/etc/modules. If you remove the module’s XML file, the module should not load anymore.

Be careful though, only remove the specific module’s XML file, and if the module is not cleanly separated from Magento then you might get other errors. But at least the module will not load itself anymore wink


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This is normally fixed by logging out of the admin and then logging back in.
But if you’ve moved away from the original ‘forbidden’ page, then waiting for your sesssion to time out, or deleting the Magento admin cookie should enable you log back in.



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Thank You guys for Your help

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