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API Login ID API 登录号
Authorize Only 仅授权
Authorize and Capture 授权和接收
Credit Card Types 信用卡类型
Credit Card Verification 信用卡校验
Debug 调试
Email customer 发邮件给客户
Enabled 打开
Error in authorizing the payment 支付授权时出错
Error in capturing the payment 接受支付时出错
Error in refunding the payment 退款时出错
Error in refunding the payment. 退款时出错。
Error in retreiving the transaction 获取交易时出错
Fraud order status 欺诈订单状态
Gateway request error: %s 网关请求错误:%s
Invalid amount for authorization 授权金额不正确
Invalid amount for authorization. 授权金额不正确。
Invalid transaction id 交易编号不正确
Merchant Login 商户登录
Merchant’s email 商户的电子邮件
New order status 新订单状态
Partner Partner
Password 密码
PayflowPro PayflowPro
Payment Action 支付操作
Payment authorization error. 支付授权错误。
Payment authorization transaction has been declined. 付款授权交易被拒绝。
Payment from Specific countries 从指定国家付款
Payment from applicable countries 从适用国家付款
Sort order 排序
Test mode 测试模式
Title 标题
Transaction key 交易密钥
URL 网址
User 用户
Voided transaction 作废交易

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