Magento ADMIN PANEL does not work correctly

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


Hi guys!

Wish you could find me a solution. An admin has been seeking for the mistake/adjustment/problem for 2 days for now and i am tired.

The problem occurs in the admin panel. I can switch between any section, but, i can not change for instance, the name of the attribute sets. I try to change, even the admin panel says (magento) - that the change has been made, but nothing actually changes…

When i try to expand the categories tree and click the + it doesn’t work out, the tree does not expand and the plus disappears. It does expand only when i click on the category itself (not the Plus) and then refresh the page- the tree expands.

Of course, there is no chance adding products options and so on.

We have tried adjusting it on Debian, then installed CENTOS, no luck. Before the site has been working on usual virtual hosting. But it was very slow, now it’s fast and the frontend is great in terms of speed but the admin doesn’t let me do anything.

Please help!

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