Magento configurable product -> floating/sliding cart

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


we have a pc configurator, actually its not a “configured product” but a product with “custom options”.

we want to have a “cartbox” that shows the selected attributes plus price that slides with the movement of the page down untill the user has viewed all options.

any ideas?

i am pretty sure that there is no ready module.

thanx for any help


As you have just said yourself, there is no a solution that fits your purposes. I think you need to create a custom module that modifies the current layout so the block you need to float would be separated from its static place on the page, and use CSS (or JavaScript for smooth scrolling) to make it “float”. The latter is pretty much client-side effect, nothing to do with Magento itself, but the former must be done as part of the module code.


Magento, go!

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