Magento create _1 on my image file name if image already exist

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Magento create _1 on my image file name if image already exist.

i’m using magento import products under system. How do i stop Magento from renaming my image file by adding _1 whenever the image already exist in my magento??

The reason i need this is because i have a set of products which uses the same images. eg: RAM.....the RAM (computer memory) is differentiated by the size but product image are just the same. I don’t want magento to create a duplicate by adding _1, _2 etc just because the image already exist in my magento. I need to know how to make magento to stop renaming the file when the filename already exist.

Please help.



If you did not find any solution yet, I can offer you to import images via Store Manager for Magento -
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If you run import have the same image names in the file for that import as image names which already exist at your store, the software in any case will detect it and report it to you. You in your turn can choose to overwrite or skip the images with the same names. So in this way you an overwrite our existing images avoiding the duplication.

Hope it will be helpful.


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