New to Magento - How to differentiate scope of pages by Store for 1 website

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Hey everyone,

So being completely new to Magento, I’m trying to identify a road map for how I’m going to achieve my store’s general functionality goals using, hopefully, the more ’efficient’ way to go about things.  A huge hurdle for me is though, that being so unfamiliar with Magento’s capabilities, I’m unable to really identify what areas are quick outputs vs what areas will require a bit extra functionality.  I was hoping for any advice or nods in the right direction.

Here’s what I’m a little unsure of:

1) I have one website with two stores: Store A and Store B.
2) The website will always has a search bar in the top right corner.  If you are viewing products from Store A, I want the scope of this search field limited to Store A products only.  If on Store B, I’d like the search function to return results only of Store B - Is this easy to do?
3) I have a ‘landing page’ for Store A and another ‘landing page’ Store B, both created as new pages in the CMS.  I would like both landing pages to have a left sidebar that contains ALL categories of that Store in a tree-like structure. To do this, I am setting up specific template files that I will assign each page to use.  Is there a simple PHP code I can add to this template that can be used to echo out the designated store categories? For example, something like this would be grand: 

foreach($store_a_categories as $category): 

I’ve found this great thread, but it does seem like a bit of code for what can hopefully be a simple loop through categories by a given store id process.

Thanks for any help, it’s greatly appreciated.  Overall I’m hoping to understand Magento a bit better.

Also: When previewing the post, a ton of slashes were added to all of my ‘. I may have missed removing some!

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