only buy products from one category? 

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Hi All

I’m trying to set up a store where different restaurants can have their take away menu under different categories example:
sushi restaurant 1
Take away menu
sushi restaurant 2
Take away menu

The thing is that customers is not allowed to mix products from different restaurants

Is it possible to setup magento so that customers can only buy products from one category only?


Try to set up not categories, but separate websites for each restaurants. For the URL you may use subdomains, like
The websites may share the same code base and design theme

If you need the categories, then you should add some custom code code to the cart to filter /remove / prevent from adding products with different categories.

Hope it helps.


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setting up a filter sounds like a good idea. My idea is that I could set up a attribute called restaurant, so each product has an assigned restaurant to it. Then a filter in the cart could prevent customers adding products from different restaurants…

Just have no idea how to set up “code” the filter in the cart.. any suggestions?

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