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Im new to magento and I am having the hardest time adding a facebook link to our header.  I figured out how to do it by creating a static block in admin and coding it into the header.  The problem I keep running into is that it shifts my logo.  How can I place the block into the header while keeping my logo in the same position?  Probably incredibly simple, but im very new to php.


php for coding basically calls different pieces of the site to a certain area when a new page opens up, now your header for instance, is being called by php everytime th page opens and saves in a ton of copying and pasting of the header, now the best way to have another link in the header would be to go to your ftp, and go to app/design/frontend/base/default/template/page/html/header.php
this will bring up the calls now don’t mess with the calls if you dont know anything about php. and trust me you will learn if you love Magento.
put in your link line in the header, i would put it in a div class to give your link a position no matter where it lies in the header, so that the css will place it where ever it need to go. also due to the logo moving when you place the link use

<div class="twitter">
<a href----------------------------------------><img src="” /></a>

now on .css

{margin-left: 25px; or what ever the position is

z-index:999; this places the link on top of everything so that it should go where ever you want without messing up anything else in the header




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