Price per lbs and Oz

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I have tried searching the forms to find no help on this small change I need to do. I have a site I want to create two separate prices one defaults as10.99 per lbs and the other defaults as 10.99 per oz. Where is the best place to change or add this adjustment and still can upgrade Magento? Any help would be welcome even a point in the right direction. Thanks


Any Help would be Welcomed and appreciated

Okay maybe I asked this wrong. If you sell products based on weight, how can you manipulate the price to list with the weight?  If you sell something by the oz, how would you say this is 10.99 per oz with out hard coding it into the pages?  I have it working with attributes but that only seems to add extra steps. I have tried configurable products but if you sell it by oz then 1/2lbs and then 1lbs you have to create one product as multiple products then the sale prices have to be changed in multiple places and undone in multiple. Also if you add the multiple prices as simple products with configurable options the -5.99 or the +5.99 is confusing to customers. Any Ideas?

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