Problem with jQuery.noConflict

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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use jQuery alongside the Prototype library that comes with Magento.

I understand that in order to achieve this I need to put jQuery in “no conflict mode”.

I’ve got it to a stage where I think jQuery is in this mode, but now I keep getting $ is undefined errors in Firebug in other JavaScript files.

If I delete the line where it’s complaining about this, the error just moves elsewhere.

Surely this means I haven’t successfully put jQuery in no conflict mode? All other scripts should be able to run fine I thought.

Feel free to see the problem in action at this page.

Many thanks in advance!


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I was just sruggling with this yesterday.  If you are including jquery in page.xml, try moving it after the include for prototype.  When I did this jQuery noconflict did not try to take over the $ calls used by prototype.



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Your function doesnt seem to be correct. You are trying to set a href attribute with a function where the parent.location.href is equal to the current one, but what’s the return ?
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Try putting the jQuery.noConflict after all Javascript, i always use it at the bottom of my page (were all Javascript is)


I was having the same problem. After i installed it and had everything set up i couldnt get it to work. I tried to uninstall it and then reinstalled it. That made it work so maybe you should try the same thing. It could have not installed properly


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