Querying MySQL for Abandoned Cart Information

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I want to run a SQL query to determine information about abandoned shopping carts.

How would you suggest that I find abandoned carts in the database?

From what I can tell, it looks like I would query the sales_flat_quote table, but what would I need in the “where” clause to determine whether a particular row can be considered abandoned?



1) You can get your abandoned carts at Reports->Shopping Carts -> Abandoned Carts

You can find your rows with this query but if you have an older site or a REALLY busy site, I WOULD NOT RUN THIS QUERY. IT IS REALLY BIG

SELECT FROM sales_flat_quote_item where item_id not in (SELECT quote_item_id FROM sales_flat_order_item)

If you run that query on a busy site you will seriously slow it down for 30 minutes


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