shipping costs sometimes wrong calculation. please help

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I have set the shippingcosts on base of the weight of the products. See example beneath


But sometimes when the total of the products are abve 20 kilo it still calculates the normal shippingcosts of 9.90
when I make a test order I get 24.90 for the shipping costs when I put lot\’s of products but I still see sometimes orders with 9.90 shipping.

I have made even an test order with the same products and the same adress of the customer but I still get 24.90 and the customer paid 9.90 :(

What do I need to do or check? please help going crazy.


Did you installed any module like No-Region, which remove the states/region from the billing address,


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did you found any solution for this. I’m experiencing exactly the same here.

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