shipping report doesn’t work, why? 

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


Ok guys I am running mangento since last year, about 8 months now. Everything looks fine with my magento store except one BIG issue: I can’t mangage to make my reports to work :( Actually I need only shipping report feature so I can see how many items were shipped and how much was generated for a specif period (month).

If I go to Admin/sales/shipments or Admin/sales/invoices I see all transactions for any current period. That obviously means that all shipments are created successfully and that all data’s were recorded inside my database. Now if I switch to Admin/Reports/Sales/Shipping and chose same period, I am getting few or NO results. For example I have shipped 93 items last month (March) what exactly fits the number of generated invoices and shipments that I can see from Admin/sales/shipments or Admin/sales/invoices, but if I switch to Admin/Reports/Sales/Shipping I get a report of only one item being shipped out :(

Please check attached images.

Is this a well know bug? So far I didn’t find anything about this in this forum?
I would appreciate some help with this.

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This is a big issue for me since I can’t compare real shipping cost with the one generated through our magento shop.

Can anybody shed a light on this?

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