Surprised with error message: “Invalid package.xml format”, while uploading an exntension. 

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Hello everybody. I see that many people have problems with extensions upload process and hope that magento team will fix the problem soon. I tired to upload my first extension for magento, but got this error message “Invalid package.xml format” while I was uploading the file with extension ( 2nd step ). I filled all fields in 1st step.

After the error I was thinking, that the extension upload process failed, but I was surprised of the fact, that the extension exists in my profile!!!

Now I see the extension with status “Pending / Incomplete” and it doesn’t make sense!

I upload the file with the extension ( just in case ) and ask you for assistance smile

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CeckosLab_EpayBg-0.1.0.tgz  (File Size: 8KB - Downloads: 51)

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Hey I also faced the same error.

For that I repeated the process and got success. May be I was doing the fault but it worked.


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I have the same problem.  :(


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Thank you for the replays. I hope somebody from Magento team to give us explanation or some solution, because I think this is little bit suspiciously, because I can’t delete the extension. I tried to think logically what is wrong and what will happen if I create extension with similar name or to re-upload the extension file over existing one, but with different name.

Please somebody from Magento team to give us a hint, because I don’t understand where is the problem. Probably I packed the extension wrong or there is a problem in Magento Connect.




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