Unable to login using Google Chrome and IE

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply


I’m using Magento ver. My problem is I cannot login to both the admin panel and the user login form using IE and Chrome. When I type the correct username and password, it always redirects to the admin login page the same with the user login form. But when an invalid username or password is typed, a notice indicating username/password invalid is shown.

I searched the forums for a fix and someone recommended commenting out the call_user_func_array function in the varien.php file and the cookie params. I tried the suggestion and it worked. I was able to login in IE and Chrome. My question is, is this secure? What other alternatives can I do so I can log in IE and Chrome? Please help.


I’m having the same problem. Didn’t try that fix yet.


I had the same problem with our VM and we use url as vm-magento. when i changed it to IP it worked well without any other changes. We have EE

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