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I build my website and I have about 200 items on it.  I only want to use 1 language. 
1. Will I lose all my information if I do this?
2. How do I only use English for the website?

I am a newbie to Magento.

Thanks for your help.



By changing the lanuage, you will not lose your information. You may follow these steps to use any lanuage for your website:

* 1. Download the desired translation thru Magento connect via admin.
* 2. Once installed Go to: System -> Manage Stores -> Create store view. Enter the data and save.
* 3. Now go to: Configuration -> Current Configuration Scope (Select your language from the dropdown) and on the right side under “Locale options” choose the desired language.

Note: Be sure to clear the cache before trying to use your new language.

That’s it, now when you go to the frontend of the site, you’ll notice a dropdown menu allowing the language switching.


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Thanks for your help.  Worked out great.

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