A good ecommerce alternative to Magento?

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply

I been dealing with Magneto for the last 6 months now and its a real headache, always some type of error, slow, bloated, dead community and overly complex to customize (and im a designer...)

I look at others like zencart but seem kinda dated compared to magento, but are their any other solutions to replace magento thats better and with a good online community?

the main selling points im looking for are configurable items (as in options for products), good online community and not so hard to customize or a nice amount of templates available.

has to be free and hopefully open source

and if it helps this is for a custom car accessories store

If you use Drupal then you could use Übercart. A video on how to set it up and use it can be found at : Drupal Demo - Building a Small Business Site.

Magento is just superb but yes you might get offended with some errors that arises but you will certainly find solution if you google them.

For an alternative.. you may try Prestashop. It just won the Open-Source Award for the Best Open-Source E-commerce Application. I have not tried it though. As I am a big fan of Magento ;) I just love both the features standard and coding standard of Magento.

www.shopping-cart-reviews.com - filter by your criteria and get a ton of carts

I vote for PrestaShop. Its very simple and convenient in use. It has user-friendly admin panel. But its not so powerful as Magento. Think about which tasks you need to do with shopping cart. :)

Check out http://www.ror-e.com it has a double entry accounting system, purchase orders, inventory management, shopping cart (with save for later and wish list) shipments, returns, coupons, customer credits. check out the video http://www.ror-e.com/info/videos/1

All build with ruby on rails 3.

check http://www.opencart.com/ the code is OOP and looks really understable and scalable


have you tried os-commerce

By the they all are off the shelf solutions being opensource is a major advantage but sometimes you are better off developing your own custom solution.

As Asad, the next alternative to Magento is perhaps os-commerce... But Magento is great!

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