Generic SOAP Debugging Tools

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply

When you're programming against a SOAP Service, what tools do you use to explore/poke-at the API? I realize that Visual Studio/Eclipse likely have some sort of client built in (and please, do talk about them), but I'm more interested in information about stand-alone programs like Soap Client for OS X.

More specifically, does anyone have any experience with tools that work with the Magento API. SoapClient doesn't pickup the parameters for the login method, which makes it not-so-useful for my needs.

I've often used soapUI.

Web Service Studio is another open-source tool that works well.

I use Membrane Monitor to explore SOAP APIs. It captures and formats XML messages.

I use mostly Altova XMLSpy (commercial, could be tested for 30 days or so).

Is there anything out there for Ubuntu?

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