MAGENTO - Display sub-category products in root category

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply

i havent been able to find the answer for this anywhere but i cant seen to display any of the products on the root categories page from its sub category members. When i click the category from the top navigation i get the sub categories on the left and on the right (main content) “There are no products matching the selection”. Each sub-cat. shows its products though.

In Admin -> Catalog -> Manage Categories each category shows the number of products i.e (4) however its root category displays (0).

Any ideas?

thanks in advance


Go to Admin -> Catalog -> Manage Categories -> "Select Category" -> Display Settings -> Is Anchor = "Yes"


Admin -> System -> Index Management -> "Select All" -> "Reindex data" -> "Submit"

Thanks for everyones comments

Make sure you set "Is anchor" to "Yes" for your root category.

Every category has associated products.
Just associate these products into the higher-level category too.
They will show up on frontend in that category.

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